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Print Material Design

Full Design, Layout & Formatting Services

Be Prepared With A media Kit

Promotional Material Still Matters

With so much focus on the online world, it can be easy to forget about the most basic forms of marketing; print media. There are numerous scenarios where having printed material on hand will be the key to getting your company noticed. Whether your are a start-up business or a large commercial company, it is important to be prepared with the material to assemble a professional media kit (AKA press kit). Media kits are packets of information about your business or product and can serve like a resume for your company. They include basic forms of advertising such as business cards, informational brochures, news articles, flyers, business statements or letters of introduction on company letterhead, and other giveaway information. Nowadays, media kits come in both print and digital form allowing widespread dissemination.

If you are ready to start assembling your media kit, we would love the opportunity to help you. Let us design both printed and digital matching marketing materials that give your company a polished  and professional look. In addition to print design, we can also offer deep discounts through our online-printing partners. Just let us know what you need and we'll handle the rest

Business Card Design

Deciding on Card Design can be hard but we make it easy

Business cards are an essential marketing medium. They are socially encouraged and perhaps the least expensive way to let people know you are in business. Business cards are easy to carry with you at all times to give potential clients an easy way to reference your contact information. They can be the first step to long-term business relationships. Business cards serve as a tangible reminder of personal contact with potential clients. Plus unlike electronic devices, they will never fail you due to love battery or lack of online access.

Business cards have evolved to become more than a 2.5"x3" two-sided piece of paper. They have always been unique expressions of identity, but nowadays many options are available for business card material including wood! The size and appearance of today's business cards vary giving way for artistic expression. There are folded business cards, booklet business cards, square & round business cards and much more.

Business Flyers & Brochure Design

Our Designs Are Bold Command Attention

Printed business flyers and brochures may just be the perfect way to introduce potential new clients to your products or services. They are an inexpensive and easy way to distribute information and give you plenty of space to convey your message. Using flyers and brochures to promote your local business can be a powerful way to get your marketing material in front of your target audience. Brochures can also be a way to arm your sales-team with information to relay the right message.

In order to create attractive and effective brochure for your company, we will need to know a few things.

Banners, Signs & Posters

Essentials For Trade Shows & Exhibits or Even Street Corners

Banners and signs give you the ability to clearly mark your business in trade shows, expos or alongside a road. Viewers will be able to identify your business and read your message from a distance giving you an advantage over your competition. Let us help you draw more attention to your company by designing your banners, signs and posters.

We design posters that make an impact. Sometimes minimalist designs and simple lines can be more effective than a menagerie of color and shape. We understand that overall composition is key to posters and signs which are designed to be viewed from a distance.

Postcards, Rack Cards & Wedding Invitations

Stay In Touch With Your Fans

Postcards can be a great way to stay in touch with your clients. As a direct mail marketing technique, postcards may be the most effective way to attract new clients to your business. Postage for standard business cards is less expensive than regular mail and the lack of an envelope makes your message instantly visible to the reader. Designing an attractive postcard is essential to grabbing a consumer's attention while sorting their mail.

Rack cards are another form of printed marketing material and can be used in many ways. Rack cards serve as hand-outs, mini-flyers, or as part of a press kit and can even be used as invitations to special events, notifications of upcoming sales, coupons or discounts, thank you cards, or as acknowledgments of birthdays or anniversaries.

Whether your goal is to gain new customers or to communicate with old customers postcards, are an excellent way to promote your business. Let us design the perfect rack card or postcard invitation for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, specials sales and more.

Business Forms

Why use generic when you can have custom Forms

Every business needs forms of some kind. Whether you are a doctor's office in need of patient intake forms or a contractor in need of professional looking quotes we can provide the perfect layout and design. We offer a complete tool-set to create customized forms that match your brand.

Here are just a few types of forms we have created:

Car Wraps, Decals & Door Magnets

Advertise to thousands of customers every time you drive!

With as much time as local business owners spend behind the wheel, why make that time more valuable by using your vehicle to advertise your product or service. Vehicle wraps can be an impactful way to create a buzz for your advertising message on the street. By keeping your brand in front of your local audience you remind customers that your business is alive and thriving! Whether you have a fleet of vehicles or a just one we can help you advertise to thousands of potential customers per day.

We understand that drivers have very few seconds to view and comprehend your vehicle wrap and we know that to be effective, vehicle wraps must be designed with the following considerations:

Restaurant Menu Design

Match your menu style to your restaurant style

Your menu should reflect your restaurant brand. It should convey an instant and accurate sense of what you restaurant is all about. Are you a casual dining restaurant, fine dining, or down-home southern style? Does your restaurant have a particular cultural theme such as Western, Asian, or Italian? Whatever your restaurant looks and feels like on the inside is how your menu should look and feel.

Let us help you design a menu that accurately represents your brand and increases sales. There is more to designing a restaurant menu than aesthetics. Did you know that there are are reader eye patterns to consider when designing your menu? There is also an overall logical organization that diners expect when perusing a menu. Let us help you design your restaurant menu to maximize sales by creating a logical reading order and food grouping.

Here are some of the things we consider when designing restaurant menus:


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